fashion storage tips and ideas from Woodmead Retail Park

Make More Room for Fashion

When you're shopping at Woodmead Retail Park we know how difficult it is to say no to the amazing fashion on offer! So we asked the experts for advice on how to store, care for and of course, make room for more clothing, handbags, jewellery and shoes!

Cashmere is one of those must-have fashion items that is perceived to be hard to store. It is delicate, but it’s a natural fibre and more durable than one would think. When storing Cashmere keep the items neatly folded and stored flat in plastic bags or special breathable bags to protect against moths. Definitely avoid using hangers with Cashmere.

Sandton winters can really put a strain on your closet. All those bulky Jackets definitely hog too much valuable wardrobe space. If you're going shopping you need a new method of organisation. Double hang jackets on one hanger but make sure the hanger is sturdier than the average plastic hangers as a flimsy hanger can stretch and damage items, especially if they are stored for long periods of time (Mr Price home had some really nice sturdy steel hangers). Never put a delicate fabric next to a textured one, or a light colour next to a dark colour.

As with clothes, you should reorganise your handbag collection every season. Hand Bags, like jackets, are bulky items and can be a space issue.  When storing handbags, make sure to remove all the contents, dry-wipe them clean and shake them out. Then stuff the bags with dry newspaper, so they do not lose their shape and keep them in their dust bags where possible.
With great stores like NWJ and Pandora, Woodmead Retail Park makes jewellery shopping an absolute must - so it only makes sense that we end off with some jewellery storage tips. Before storing jewellery be sure to clean the items well. This keeps them looking beautiful and helps to prevent infections. The most effective cleaning method is soaking them in a glass of warm water with a few drops of dish-washing liquid for a couple of hours. Rinse them with clean water and they should sparkle like new. When storing place single items of jewellery in clear plastic pouches for easy traveling and identification. Try storing earrings separately to avoid them from getting scratched or bent.

These simple tips should de-clutter your closet in no time - giving you plenty more space for your next shop at Woodmead Retail Park in Sandton.