Fournos Bakery - Tel: 011 656 9641


Think olive oil, freshly baked bread, toasted crusts and kneaded dough- think Fournos Bakery. Is your mouth watering yet?

Fournos Bakery has delicious breakfasts and lunch meals, along with a fresh assortment of smoothies, warm teas and coffees as well as platters that you can order or request for groups and functions. These platters can include so much goodness, from fruit to sandwiches to vetkoek and cold meats- there is a platter for everyone. Fournos Bakery offers fresh and scrumptious food and drinks, made with love and care.

Fournos Bakery is located close to the kids' playa rea as well as a food court and ATM, making it easily accessible and a great stop for families with children.

Tel: 011 656 9641