Sharjah - Tel: 011 656 9727


Feeling like something spicy, or perhaps packed with exotic flavours from abroad? Sharjah offers delicious and traditional Indian and Arabic cuisine, all at affordable prices. 

Take a trip to another land when trying out their best dishes, and be sure to bring some friends along for this tasty journey as Sharjah can cater for families and large groups, all in a comfortable setting. Sharjah is strictly Halaal and caters for everybody's taste buds. Choose between a yummy starter, spicy main or light dishes - whether you're hungry or looking for a quick snack, Sharjah has an option just for you. 

Sharjah is located close to the food court, meaning that they are the perfect pit stop for a bite during your shopping spree or monthly grocery haul.

Tel: 011 656 9727